Padstow - Newquay - Padstow

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Ideal for a leisurely weekend and passing some of the most beautiful beaches in Cornwall. 

Riding out of Padstow you pass St Merryn with its Seven Bays for Seven Days - well worth some detours. 

Moving further down the coast you pass the foodie places of Watergate Bay as you cycle down to Newquay.


2 days

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Starting from Padstow Harbour you head South.

You will pass some of the most beautiful beaches in Cornwall on the way to Newquay.

There are  plenty of places to stop for lunch or go to the beach for a swim and a Pic Nic.

Recommendations to stay:

Other Places to stay:

Matt's Surf Lodge, Newquay, 01637 874651

Recommendations to go:

Only 18 miles today, allowing time for a surf lesson on one of Newquay's beautiful beaches, Lunch at Jamie Oliver's 15 or arrive early at Padstow and relax for the last day of your holiday.

If you have a flight to catch from Newquay Airport (approx. 7 miles from Newquay) I will meet you either at Newquay or at Newquay airport. Or of course you can cycle back to Padstow and have another night there.

Recommendations to stay:

Other Places to eat:

Other Places to Go:

Distance: 18 miles / 29 km
Tour Type: North Coast, Seaside

Recommendations to eat:

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