What bikes do you use?

We use the best, quality electric bikes - Gepida.  They have 8 gears and 5 electric settings

  • Off - just like a normal bike
  • Eco - 30% more power than you put in
  • Tour
  • Sport
  • Turbo - Takes you up the steepest hills in Cornwall without having to get off and push!

Do I need insurance?

It is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately insured.

We recommend that you take out adequate insurance including loss of belongings, cancellation cover, medical cover and personal accident.

Cornwall Electric Bike Tours has public liability insurance, but you remain liable for any damage or theft of the Bike and accessories. A passport or photo driving licence is required as proof of ID. Credit/debit card details are required please.

Where can I charge my battery?

The battery is removable  and a special charger is supplied for use in any power socket.

The battery needs approximately four hours for a full charge, enough for around 50 km to 70 km of mixed use and more than 90 km in ECO mode.

Factors effecting the range of a full battery include the weight of the rider, cycling style, the frequency of stops and starts, tyre pressure, the mode selected and the weather.

What is the law regarding electric bicycles?

In the EU, laws governing pedelecs (the type of Electric Bicycle we use) are the same as those for regular bicycles as the power delivered by the motor is less than 250 Watts and there is pedal assistance only until a speed of 25 km/hour has been reached. As a result, no driving license, registration or insurance are required.

There is also no obligation to wear a helmet, although this is highly recommended.