Bike Hire

The electric bikes are available to hire at daily and weekly rates

Electric bikes £30 a day
Touring bikes £17 a day
Children's seats £10 a day
Pet trailers £12 a day
Tag along £20 a day
Sat nav £20 a day
Extra battery £10 a day

NB: £200 cash damage deposit on arrival please.  You must have your own public liability insurance. Terms and conditions also apply.

Also available

Luggage Transfer - approximately £7.50 to £10 a day each bag is insured for £250 to arrange call 01326 567247 or 08000437927

Also available to hire

  • childrens seats
  • pet trailers
  • luggage trailers
  • tag alongs

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What does the bike hire include?

The bike hire includes

  • top quality lock
  • helmet
  • a super comfortable saddle
  • waterproof yellow saddle bag covers which also acts as a safety jacket
  • water bottle holder
  • map holder on handlebar
  • pump and repair kit
  • bell
  • cycle aware mirror

What bikes do you use?

We use the best, quality electric bikes - Gepida.  They have 8 gears and 5 electric settings

  • Off - just like a normal bike
  • Eco - 30% more power than you put in
  • Tour
  • Sport
  • Turbo - Takes you up the steepest hills in Cornwall without having to get off and push!